Why is matcha powder better than loose leaf tea?

Most people are used to drinking loose leaf tea. Now, There is a kind of special green tea named matcha powder, which is a kind of green tea that is ground into using natural stone grinding. People who love tea can now consider drinking this kind of tea.


The origin of Matcha >>>

Matcha originated in China and prevailed in the Tang and Song Dynasties. It had gradually disappeared since the Ming Dynasty, but it was brought to Japan by the monks of Dongdu, integrated into the Japanese culture, and carried forward to become an important part of the Japanese tea culture.

Matcha tea


The different process >>>

Loose Leaf Tea: fresh tea → fried→ ordinary tea

: fresh green tea → steamed → milled → finely pulverized → dried at low temperature → powder

Therefore, Matcha tea powder is the freshest and most nutritious tea,which tastes better than loose leaf tea.

matcha green tea powder


The effect of matcha powder >>>

  1. Make eyes bright
    It is rich in vitamin A, which make eyes more bright.
  2. Flood prevention
    It is a natural tea that contains a lot of fluorine, which can prevent teeth decay.
  3. Diuretic
    As a component of Matcha powder, caffeine and palmitic acid inhibit the reabsorption of the renal tubules, which benifits for us.
  4. Lose weight
    The high concentration of EGCG in Matcha powder can increase the energy of burning stored fat. And it can reduce the formation of new fat cells. Moreover, catechins in Matcha powder can increase the body’s calorie burn rate every day.

’s Matcha powder is the better choice for you than other loose leaf tea . After drinking a lot of brands, only Yan Hou Tang’s Matcha powder has the best taste. Many people buy it again and again because its unique craftsmanship, good materials, exquisite packaging, etc.

matcha green tea powder

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