Why I Get Fat After Drinking Puerh Tea

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Why I Get Fat After Drinking


Puerh tea is gaining popularity among the public. Except the unique taste and collection value of Puerh tea , more because of the effect of reducing weight and fat, many people say that drinking Puerh tea is good to lose weight, but why I get fat.


Why drink Puerh tea can lose weight?

The weight loss and lipid lowering effects of Puerh tea mainly come from two factors:
The first is the combined action of tea polyphenols, chlorophyll, vitamin C and other active ingredients (The content of tea polyphenols reached 30-34% in producing area, catechin total reached 18-24% in Yunnan tea producing area, and its brew resistance and tea extract up to 46-50% ).

The second is the comprehensive effect of various beneficial microorganisms formed in the fermentation process (Microflora can reduce the intake of glycerol three fat and sugar in the small intestine, and increase the enzyme to decompose the fat of the waist and abdomen).

According to the research data, because Puerh tea has a unique fermentation process, aspergillus in the enzyme contains trace amounts of lipolytic enzymes, this has a significant effect on the decomposition of fat. So Puerh tea can suppress weight, and reduce cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood. Especially for the absorption of fat around the abdominal viscera has a significant effect.

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Why drink Puerh tea to get fat?

A lot of people drink Puerh tea is getting fatter and fatter, it can’t weight loss, and the problem is on the time point of drinking. It play a role in and weight loss to drink Puerh tea after half an hour to a hour after meals, if you before a meal, the more you get fat. Because Puerh tea has a very good oil scraping effect, it can scrape the fat of the intestines and stomach, if you drink before eating, just scrape clean the fat of the intestines and stomach, when food comes into the intestines and stomach, the digestion and absorption become more better, so get fatter and fatter. And drinking Puerh tea half an hour after eating, just the food is being digested, it’s best to scrape oil at this time.

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How to drink Puerh tea to loss weight?

1. Sports are necessary – No one wants to lose weight just by drinking Puerh tea, you need to assist in proper exercise, you just drink at home, no one can guarantee that you can success to lose weight.

2. Drinking the amount of Puerh tea – Three times a day is good, no more than 300-500 milliliters at every time, look at personal needs to determined.

3. The time of drinking – Half an hour after lunch, half an hour after dinner, drink it once in the evening(Please note that: If you drink tea it will affect your sleep, Just cancel it in the evening. If the intestines and stomach are discomfort, It’s better to not drink tea on an empty stomach in the morning).

Puerh tea does have the effect of losing weight, but it is not a medicine, only play an auxiliary weight loss effect.


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