Why am I Choose Natural Tea Instead of Artificial Flavored Tea

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When you want to change your taste, you can drink a little- .

Artificial flavors tea is typically not harmful. However, I’m not crazy about them, because they don’t usually reproduce the natural taste of foods and are often markers for low-quality foods. Artificial flavor tea may be more stable than natural ones and certainly, are less expensive, so manufacturers prefer them. There is even a weak case that artificial flavors are safer for consumption. Because they omit components of natural flavors that may be slightly toxic.

According to the American Tea Association provided the most recent data, 2011 was the 20th consecutive year that consumer purchases of tea increase. With retail supermarket sales surpassing the $2.20 billion dollar mark. What’s more, consumption away from home has seen a yearly increase of at least 10 percent in the past decade. More than 5,000 studies said the health benefits of tea have many choosing what thought a subordinate drink to coffee. But while opting for tea may be driven by health-conscious motives, the ingredients found in your cup could make you think twice about taking another sip.



Contrast with Artificial Flavor Tea and Natural Flavor Tea >>>

Nature-Identical Flavoring Agents is natural substances with the aid of chemical synthesis. Chemist derived the end product has an identical chemical structure as the “Natural” flavor. Nature-identical flavors tend to be more stable than purely natural flavoring extracts and are usually significantly less expensive. Nature-identical flavors flavored with the vast majority of flavored products. Unfortunately, the FDA does not have a classification for this and they consider nature-identical to be “artificial”.

Artificial Flavor Tea is an altering the chemical structure of a naturally occurring molecule to create a different, more intense or less expensive flavor. These molecules do not exist in nature. Adagio does not use this type of artificial flavoring agent in any of our blends.

Earl Grey may fall into either category 1 or 2 or both, depending on whether its Bergamot oil is naturally or artificially derived. Oftentimes tea may fall into multiple of the above categories as it may be both naturally and artificially flavored, as well as have fruits or flowers visible in it; many of Yanhoutang ’s teas span multiple categories like this.

The ingestion of tea that has been naturally or flavored is generally preferred and considered safer than the artificially flavored ones.

Natural Pure Loose Leaf Tea Benefits

  • Hydration—-tea is 99% water it can make a contribution to daily fluid requirements.
  • Nutritional Value—fluoride, potassium, manganese and vitamin B2
  • Antioxidants—a valuable source of antioxidants
  • Decreases Cognitive Impairment—In 2010 researchers studying dementia, cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease found that people who consumed tea had significantly less cognitive decline than non-tea drinkers.
  • Weight Loss

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Ingredients In Flavors >>>

Food chemists created hundreds of natural flavors. Here are some common foods and beverages:

Amyl acetate: distilled from bananas in order to provide banana-like flavor in baked goods.

Citral: Also known as geranial, citral is from , lemon, orange, and pimento. Then add into citrus-flavored beverages and sweets.

Benzaldehyde: This chemical is extracted from almonds, cinnamon oil, and other ingredients. Common in foods an almond flavor and aroma.

Castoreum: A somewhat surprising and unsettling source. We can find this slightly sweet substance from the anal secretions of beavers. Sometimes people use as a substitute for vanilla.

Other natural flavors include >>>

Linden ether: Honey flavor
Massoia lactone: Coconut flavor
Acetoin: Butter flavor

All of these flavors can also be produced using man-made chemicals created in a lab, in which case they would be listed as artificial flavors.
You may also have noticed that most of the time, ingredients labels indicate that the food is natural of made or artificial flavors.


Distinguish Flavor Tea >>>

I tasted a kind of black tea bags, brands is Yan Hou Tang. I used to drink other brands tea bags but they were brewing two to three times will drink like non-taste water. Because Yan Hou Tang tea material inside is made of 100% natural loose leaf, not add any flavor.

  1. Because of the special processing technology of dry tea, the fragrance is not high. Contrary, artificial flavor tea has a strong aroma and linge for a long time.
  2. You can rub the tea with your hands. If you have powder or color attached to your palm, maybe adds some additives.
  3. With hot water, the tea is cloudy or fragrant, so it is basically added with flavor.
  4. After brewing, if each tea flavor drops rapidly, and the aroma of the tea is not changed. When it is brewed to third times, it will not smell well of tea if added with essence.
  5. You don’t need to wash the cup first when you drunk tea. After overnight, the next morning you will find a thick layer of tea stains in the cup. If the color of the tea stains is light yellow, dark yellow, orange and other yellow-orange series. It means that the tea does not contain any additives. On the contrary, if the tea stains show light green, dark green, dark green and other colors. It means that the tea may contain additives.

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