What is the Shanlinxi Tea in your impression?

Shanlinxi Tea

Shanlinxi Tea belongs to oolong tea, which is a kind of oolong in Taiwan. It has a long-lasting aroma, delicious taste and elegant taste.

Taiwan Shanlinxi oolong Tea

Introduction >>>

The Taiwan Shanlinxi area grows at an altitude of 1,600 meters, with fertile soil and moderate rainfall.

In Taiwan, Shanlinxi is still very popular among tea drinkers.

Characteristics >>>

The color is bright, the water color is green, sweet and clear. Among them, the Shanlinxi area is 1500 meters above sea level.

Scenery here is beautiful and the environment is naturally unpolluted.

Authentic high-end is from Taiwan Quite expensive tea in Mingcha.

Taiwan Shanlinxi oolong Tea

Quality characteristics >>>

Characteristics of Taiwan Shanlinxi Oolong are bright color, honey green and clear water color, fresh fragrance, and strong flavor.

Tasting This leaves the teeth of the population with fragrance, moisturizes the throat and promotes fluid production.

Price of the Shanlinxi mountain is not cheap.

It is the best among the teas.

Efficacy >>>

The nutrients rich in tea polyphenols, protein, amino acids, vitamins, pectin, etc. in Shanlinxi tea are still the daily needs of adults

I believe this effect has a good effect on regulating human body functions.

Among them, caffeine can stimulate the nerve center, play a refreshing effect,

Of course, it can also adjust the body’s physiological balance.

After all, tea polyphenols have a bactericidal effect.

Taiwan Shanlinxi oolong Tea

It is precisely because of the interaction between the organic chemical components contained in Shanlinxi tea and inorganic mineral elements,

Therefore, the above-mentioned health effects on the human body can be achieved.

Some beneficial ingredients in Shanlinxi Oolong tea are higher than other teas.

We drink a moderate amount of every day to achieve better health effects.

Which is very beneficial to human health.

In addition to the health functions of general tea such as refreshing, sterilizing, and anti-inflammatory,

To clear away heat and relieve fatigue, lose weight and beautify, clear liver and eyesight, care for teeth, quit smoking and sober alcohol.

It also has the effects of anti-aging, lowering blood pressure, and lowering blood lipids.

It also has special effects on reducing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Taiwan Shanlinxi oolong Tea

How to make Taiwan Shanlinxi oolong Tea >>>

(1) Warm pot: Pour boiling water into teapots, tea cups, tea cups, and moisturize tea sets.

(2)Place tea: The amount of tea is about 7 minutes full, and then increase or decrease the tea according to personal tea drinking habits.

(3) Fill with water: Fill with boiling water, filter out the water immediately after filling, leaving only the tea leaves.

(4) Fill with water again: the water will be poured into the pot again and wait for about one minute before drinking.

(5)Start to drink: After the third brewing, the waiting time increases by about 20 seconds each time, and the brewing time is about 5 times.

Taiwan Shanlinxi oolong Tea

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