the process of picking tea and making tea

picking is the process of picking up the buds or sprouts of tea leaves as raw material through a series of production processes. Today, we are going to talk about the process of picking tea and making tea.

pick tea

A cup of good tea, the process of picking tea and making tea is very important.

Picking green

Pick tea. Tea leaves can only pick young branches and cannot use old leaves. Because the tea made with young leaves is more delicate.


After picking young leaves, first of all, it is necessary to put a part of the water in the air, and the leaves are dried, resulting in a thin taste.


Air oxidizes tea leaves. In this process, changes in aroma and changes in color are synchronized. The more fermentation, the farther away from nature, the heavier the processing.


killing leaf cells with high temperature and stopping fermentation.


The tea leaves like a noodle, which can shape the shape of the tea. Crushing leaf cells for easy brewing. Different degrees of glutinous rice will produce different flavors of tea.

 pick tea

after simmering, drain the water. We put the tea in the refrigerator so that the tea leaves are not damp.
The dried tea can be used for brewing, but the shape of the tea is not good and the quality is unstable.

The tea color is closely related to raw material tenderness and processing technology. All kinds of tea have certain color requirements. But no matter what kind of tea, good tea requires uniform color, bright luster, and fresh and moist, if the color is different, the depth is different, dark and dull, indicating that the raw materials are old and inferior, the work is poor, and the quality is inferior.


drink tea


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