The planting factors of effect with tea quality

culture has a long history, people drink it are also all over the world. At the same time, people’s quality requirements for tea are also very high. Let’s talk about the tea planting requirements for tea quality.

Taiwan tea

The growing environment

It is very important to the quality of tea trees. The environment in which tea trees grow is influenced by light and temperature, the relative humidity of the air, rainfall, etc. Tea trees have special requirements for these conditions, and there are also optimal requirements.

The intensity of sunlight exposure

The intensity of sunlight exposure affects the growth of tea trees. The fresh leaves of green tea need mild light, and the tea makers make it a little bit. In areas with strong sunlight, the fresh leaves of the fertile tea are short and the leaves are small. On the other hand, in areas with weak sunlight, the fresh leaves of fertility are large and long.

Taiwan tea

The temperature

The temperature affects tea planting the germination time, growth rate and growth state of the tea tree, and the accumulation of active ingredients. The large temperature difference between day and night, which is conducive to the accumulation of tea tree assimilates. it’s contributing to the improvement of tea tree cortex.


Precipitation is one of the indicators of whether a region is suitable for growing tea. The suitable cultivation area of ​​tea trees requires annual precipitation of more than 1000 mm. The relative humidity of the air is also a factor affecting the quality of the tea.

Master the time between picking twice, so that you can pick it many times, in line with the rules of tea shoots, which is conducive to the germination of tea trees.

Tea is of good quality:Taiwan tea

Because of the cold mountain climate and short average sunshine in Taiwan, the bitter and astringent components in tea buds and leaves are reduced, and the growth of tea trees is slow, which makes tea leaves soft and thick. So Taiwanese tea can sell well at home and abroad.

Taiwan tea


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