The method of Chinese Classic style Gongfu tea

Gongfu brewing is a ritualized form of preparing .

It works well with oolongs and peers. The Gongfu tea ceremony originated in the Song Dynasty. the Ming Dynasty had become more widespread, used especially in Fujian and Guandong. “Gongfu” refers to something done with skill. Indeed brewing in this way can bring out the best flavor in a tea. as one controls variables like water temperature and steep time.

gongfu tea

Brew Gongfu tea step >>>

Step 1. Present the tea leaves

The teas are often kept in a jar that suits the ceremony scene. To begin the ceremony, the tea artist uses a special spoon to pull the tea leaves out of the jar. The leaves are placed on a plate and shown to each guest. The observation of the dry leaves and the enjoyment of the aroma are part of the appreciation of the tea.

Step 2. Add tea leaves into the teapot

A good amount of tea leaves is needed. Fill the small teapot 4/5 full when steeping Da Hong Pao or Dancong.

Step 3. Add water into a teapot

During tea ceremonies, hot water is often boiled in an iron tea kettle. When the water is ready, lift up the kettle to a certain height, aim towards the rim of the teapot, and pour boiling water into the teapot till the water spills out slightly.

While pouring, you can enjoy the sound of it that resembles the mountain stream. This step is to moisten and wash the tea leaves.

gongfu tea

Step 4. Scrape away the bubbles

Use the teapot lid to scrape away the bubbles on the water surface, then put the lid on the teapot. The movement should be gentle like a spring breeze stroking the face.


Step 5. Rinse the teacups

We use the first step to rinse the teacups and optionally wash your tea pets. Then drain the infusion into the tea tray.

Step 6. Add water into teapot again

Pour boiling water into the teapot again till the water spills out slightly. Put the lid on. This again makes sure the isolation of heat inside the pot is better.

gongfu tea

Step 7. Pour the infusion into the fragrance-smelling cups

Besides drinking cups there are “fragrance-smelling cups”. Pour the tea from the fairness pitcher to the fragrance-smelling cups quickly and evenly.

Step 8. Cover every fragrance-smelling cup

Cover every fragrance-smelling cup with an empty teacup.


Kung Fu Tea is so popular around the world because of its cumbersome operation, using different tools to complete this tea making process. The teas made from different tea leaves have different tastes, bitter, fragrant, sweet and enjoy the richness.


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