Teach you to make delicious milk tea

Milk as the name suggests is a mixture of tea and milk. Because of its unique taste, it is very popular among people. Today I will teach you how to make a cup of milk tea.

black tea

You can make a fragrant . We need to prepare milk, black tea, water, and condensed milk.

1. Pour boiling water in a pot and pour in the black tea and stir with a spoon.

2. Cook the milk in the pot for about five minutes, continue cooking on low heat.

3. Keep a small fire to the edge of the milk to blister, turn off the fire.

4. Filter out the tea leaves and leave the tea.

5. Add condensed milk and stir to drink.


Special reminder ♥♥♥

1. It is not advisable to boil tea for a long time, otherwise, there will be a bitter taste of tea.
2. The ratio of milk to water is 1:1. Like which one to add more
3.5 grams of tea is equipped with 400ML liquid, the tea fragrance is very rich
4. After cooking, it will have milk skin when it is cool. If you don’t like it, you can filter it with a strainer.

The above is the basic operation production. If you feel that the content is monotonous, you can add ice, fruit, coconut, etc. according to your taste, which is more delicious.

milk tea


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