Teach you some other usages of tea

Oriental Beauty tea

is already essential in life. can be self-cultivating, beauty and beauty. Tea has been closely related to life. Tea can not only be used for drinking but also solve some small problems in life. Let me introduce you to some other usages of tea.

oral oder
If you feel the smell of the mouth, you can chew a few pieces of tea at this time, and the effect will improve immediately.

Many people like to eat beef, but it takes a long time to cook beef. At this time we put some tea in the pot, the beef will be rotted quickly.

The boiled tea leaves are not only drinkable but also remove the astringency and onion in the container.

tea eggs
In China, tea eggs are a kind of snacks that are ubiquitous throughout the country. The eggs cooked with tea have a delicious taste and are very tasty.

Do not throw the tea after drinking, spread it in a damp place after drying, and be able to go to the tide. Because tea has strong adsorption.

After the dried tea leaves are dried, use it to fill the insole to make an insole, which can remove the smell of wet sweat, thereby reducing the trouble of some people’s foot odor.

Many people pay attention to the quality of their hair, and everyone wants to have black hair. Wash your hair with tea leaves and use it for a long time to make your hair black and shiny.

When you eat, clothes will inevitably splash over the soup and oil stains. The oil stain on dark clothes can be decontaminated by washing with residual tea residue.

Oil stain

There are many . I hope this article can help everyone.

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