Is Herbal Tea Benefit for Pregnant

tea is a term for any non-caffeinated beverage made from the infusion or decoction of herbs, pices,or other plant material. So proper drinking of Herbal tea for pregnant can not only effectively relieve their mood but also help their baby health.


There are some benefits of dring tea to pregnant >>>

  1. Promote their blood circulation
  2. Ease their mood fluctuation
  3. Improve the growth of the fetus 
  4. Help pregant digest more easily

Flower tea

There are 7 steps to brew tea >>>

  1. Inject boiling water into the bowl
  2. Use cup cleaning
  3. Set tea
  4. Wash tea
  5. Water injection
  6. Soak
  7. Pour it into the tea sea and then pour it into the cup


Here are some precautions for pregnant to drink >>>

1. Avoid drinking strong tea. Because drinking too much can cause infants with congenital anemia.

2. Avoid drinking too much. Therefore, pregnant women should drink 3-5 grams a day.

3. Avoid drinking black tea with caffeine. Because it will stimulate the fetus's fetal movement .

There are some herbal teas which are suitable for pregnant woman >>>


Drinking rose tea can improve their skin and enrich their blood.

2. Green Tea

 leaves contain zinc and many vitamins.  Because it can promote their blood circulation.


Mint tea can effectively relieve the stress on pregnant women's relatively severe pregnancy response.
4. Chrysanthemum Tea
Chrysanthemum tea does not contain caffein. Thersfore, it can relieve their fatigue and effectively control irritability.
5. Babao Health Tea
Babao health tea contains a variety of materials such as medlar, red dates, walnuts, and longan.Therefore, it can ease their mood fluctuation and refresh the brain.

green tea


Drinking herbal tea can not only replenish the needs of itself but also umprove the growth of their fetus. If you are interested, you can click on the link to find out more about our herbal teas.

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