Usages and benefits of matcha powder

Matcha powder is a popular image of tea, is the use of natural stone grinding into micro-powdered steamed . So far, it is the freshest and most nutritious tea product.

The efficacy and function of Matcha >>>

Tea powder is rich in essential nutrients and trace elements for the human body.

  1. Conger: Rich in magnesium, maintain the function of ear artery, soften inner ear vessels, improve cochlear function and avoid hearing damage. Rich in calcium: Serum calcium supplement to prevent hearing premature aging, deafness. The development of nerve cells and the maintenance of normal activity are beneficial.
  2. Anxiety: Magnesium and calcium can be used to relax muscles and nerves, avoid nervousness, irritability, and irritability. Help to fall asleep
  3. Clearing heat and eliminating fire: it can clear the heart and purge fire, clear away heat and remove irritation, and eliminate heat toxicity in the blood.

Matcha Powder

How to >>>

Four indicators to be considered in the grade of tea powder:

  1. Color, pure natural tea powder, the greener the color, the higher the grade, the lower the grade of yellow and green.
  2. Fineness, usually the finer the better, more than 1000 meshes are better.
  3. Fragrance, the higher the grade of tea, the more fragrant the fragrance, elegant, no odor.
  4. Taste, the higher the grade, the fresher the taste.

Matcha Powder

Preservation methods of Matcha powder >>>

Storage in shade and dry place

Food Taboos of Matcha Powder >>>

The first People with neurasthenia should not eat it before going to bed. Caffeine in tea powder can promote gastric juice secretion and increase gastric acid concentration, so people with ulcer disease should not drink tea.

The suitable crowd for Matcha powder >>>

Children, people working in a high-temperature environment, people staying up late.


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