How to Drink Taiwan Green Oolong Tea to Detox


We all used to drink and flower tea. Many people who love can have a good time to taste Taiwan Green Oolong, which is considered as Detox Tea. Today, we are going to talk about how to drink Taiwan Green Oolong Tea to Detox.


why Green Oolong can help us reduce fat absorption and release toxins >>>

Many people just think is just for tasting, and then it’s nothing. However, Taiwan Green Oolong can help us detox, especially Green Oolong,which has the following ingredients.

  1. polyphenol

  2. Inorganic matter

  3. Alkaloid

Among them, polyphenol plays a major role. When drinking tea, the polyphenol reacts chemically with the heavy metal elements contained in the water to produce a precipitate, which can help release toxins.

Green Oolong

The best time to drink >>>

  1. Get up in the morning and drink a large cup of Green Oolong Tea. After twenty minutes, you can have breakfast.
  2. drink a cup of Green Oolong half an hour before lunch, and then drink another cup of Green Oolong Tea for half an hour after the meal.
  3. Have a cup of Green Oolong half an hour before dinner.

Taiwan Green Oolong

The best method of drinking Green Oolong for Detox>>>

If you want the best effect of Green Oolong, be sure to drink 1 liter of Green Oolong every day. If you do not reach this level, you can also brew a little thicker to ensure that you get enough tea polyphenol. Also, it is not correct to drink a large amount of Green Oolong Tea once a day. It is necessary to ensure that tea polyphenol can be fully absorbed by your body.

Yan Hou Tang’s Organic Taiwan Green Oolong Tea is the best choice for you to drink for detox. After drinking a lot of brands, only Yan Hou Tang’s Organic Taiwan Green Oolong Tea has the best taste. Many people buy it again and again because of its unique craftsmanship, good materials, exquisite packaging, etc.

Taiwan Green Oolong tea


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