How to Brew Japanese Kung Fu Tea

Many friends are very attractive in Japanese Traditional Kung Fu Tea brew-way. it does not only enjoy process but also can inherit culture,chat with friends and more.

tea set

Temperature >>>

During the process of Gongfucha, the master will first determine what is the appropriate temperature for the tea being used, in order to extract the essential oils of the tea. An optimal temperature must be reached and maintained. The water temperature depends on the type of tea used.

  • 95 °C for oolong tea
  • 100 °C (boiling) for compressed teas, such as pu-erh tea
  • Note: is usually not used for a Gongfu tea ceremony.

Gong Fu Cha involves the artist using a long pot to pour hot steaming water onto the awaiting tea leaves. A long pot is a traditional Japanese teapot, often made of copper, that has an extended spout. The performer will spin their kettle in a series of fluid movements and then pour steaming water from the long pot into awaiting cups, often from a distance, while holding rigid poses.

Simple Brew approach >>>

  1. Remove the lid from the gaiwan cup.
  2. Add 2-3 grams of leaves. Add hot water at 100 C.
  3. In a full tea ceremony, you want to discard the first brew and use the tea liquor to rinse the cups. This allows the leaves to open up a bit first. Moreover, the gaiwan is now hot, allowing to isolate heat better.
  4. Add hot water again and cover the cup with a lid.
  5. Wait for the steeping temperature to pass. Follow the following:
  • First brew: 60 seconds
  • Add 20 seconds for every subsequent brew.


A full ceremony set will consist out the following accessories>>>

  • A teapot or gaiwan: the main vessel for brewing leaves.
  • A fairness pitcher: the tea should first be poured into the pitcher before serving.
  • A strainer: First a filter put on top of the pitcher to make sure the smallest leaves don’t end up in the pitcher.
  • 6 aroma cups: these long shaped cups make sure you can smell the fragrance of the tea better.
  • 6 tea cups: to drink tea.
  • 1 or more tea pets: to improve fengshui and luck.
  • A small tea cloth: to clean and dry the table and accessories.
  • A tea brush: to dry and polish clay teaware.

tea pot

A set of the ‘Six Gentlemen of Tea’ accessories usually stored in a wooden holder and includes>>>

  • A teaspoon
  • A tea leaf strainer: this isn’t the same as the mesh strainer used on the pitcher. Instead, should place on the teapot. This accessory makes sure the leaves don’t fall outside the teapot.
  • Cha zen: a small teaspoon to remove the used leaves from a teapot. Gongfu teapots usually have a pretty small opening. In addition, as the tea expands in the pot, it’s sometimes Fill it up by oneself. Therefore, such a tool can come in handy.
  • Teacup tweezers: this tool is handy as you don’t have to touch the teacups with your hands, which might be considered unhygienic.
  • Needle: this shouldn’t be confused with the tea knives/needles used to pry compressed tea. Instead, the needle clean teapot spout of potential tea leaves that might be stuck inside.

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