How much matcha tea powder should be added when you drink


We recommend you consume 1-2 servings a day of matcha green .
To make one cup of , use about 2g (1/2 tsp) of the powder for every half to one cup of water.



ceremony revolves around the making and serving of matcha green tea powder. It’s said to be the essence of hello and goodbye—a highly ritualized social interaction. Each gesture, from how to enter the room to how to clean the bowl when you finish, is choreographed, deliberate, and delicate. You don’t need to be that precise to enjoy matcha, but channeling just a little of the focus and grace of tea ceremony makes it more enjoyable to prepare and drink your tea.

What is the best time to drink matcha tea>>>

We recommend that matcha is consumed in the morning or the early afternoon, due to the caffeine content. 32mg of caffeine per serving (1g of matcha/ around 1/2 a teaspoon).


How to add matcha powder through different ways>>>

For a straight-up drink, simply add 1 to 2 teaspoons of matcha green tea powder to whatever you want to drink from. Then add 2.5 ounces of hot water. Try to use the water that’s almost at a boil. There are no rules, but this is our preferred method.

For unique flavors, many people will swap the water for nut milk that has been heated up. Whether it is coconut or almond, hazelnut or pecan, the milk helps to create a delicious frothy cappuccino style drink. It also naturally sweetens the flavor.

Why we tell you do not add sugar in matcha tea >>>

For some people, the flavor of matcha can be difficult to become accustomed to straight away. It can be quite bitter and malty, with a hint of vegetal flavors like seaweed or edamame. When you drink matcha tea in coffee shops, often they will add sugar and steamed milk to lighten this flavor and make it more palatable.

You want to try and avoid these drinks wherever possible; what they bring in matcha benefits will be lost in the unnecessary added sugar. Plus, where matcha helps to balance your blood sugar levels and give you sustained energy over several hours, sugar creates a rollercoaster of dips and crashes. This definitely won’t see you motivated throughout the day.


How many cups of matcha tea to drink is safe>>>

The amount of caffeine that should be consumed in one day by the average adult is 400mg. This means that about 5.5 cups of matcha per day is safe to drink. Five cups of matcha should be enough to keep you energized throughout your day. Caffeine tends to be addictive so drinking too much of it can lead to unpleasant withdrawal symptoms if you ever stop drinking it.


Here will instruct you how to sift the matcha tea>>>

  1. Put the kettle on. Matcha is made with water that has come to a boil and then left to sit a few minutes. It should be in the 165° to 180° range.
  2. Gather supplies. While your water is heating, find your sifter, bowl, and whisk, and plate up your tea treats.
  3. Sift the tea. Good matcha will be a little clumpy, so its essential to sift the tea through a fine mesh strainer. It’s important not for force the tea through the strainer, just shake it through, maybe giving the final little clumps a push.
  4. Use the hot water to wet your whisk and bowl, then pour the water out of the bowl and dry it!
  5. Traditionally, tea is measured with a bamboo scoop called a chashaku. Measure about 1/2 to 3/4 of a teaspoon of matcha into the bowl.
  6. Once the water and tea are in the bowl, whisk back and forth in a zig-zag with the chasen, lightly touching the bottom of the bowl.
  7. Sit down and eat your tea treat. Then pick up the bowl in two hands and take small, quick sips of your delicious matcha. Tradition dictates that you not set the bowl down until you have drunk all the tea. After you are done, it is also traditional to examine your tea bowl, admiring its shape and glaze. This is, of course, optional.
  8. In the traditional tea ceremony, the whisk is only used once and then thrown away. But when training and in less formal situations, the whisk can be rinsed out, dried and kept for future use. Just run it under the tap and stand it on its base so the tines are sticking up in the air (or return it to its holder, if you have one.) Wash and dry your bowl, put away your tea and any leftover treats.

The idea of matcha is to drink it quickly. Given that it doesn’t take long to actually prepare matcha tea, it can be a fast drink to consume.

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