How Attractive is No. 18 red jade Taiwan Black Tea? 台茶十八号红玉


Compared with the famous captical of India and Sri Lanka, Taiwan red jade black tea has become a one of the most ingenious in the world pedigree. when people talk about this black tea, they always praise the scent of mint and the scent of Taiwan.


Taiwan has two main types of Taiwanese black tea-namely honey-flavored black tea and Sun Moon Lake black tea. The honey black tea is distributed in Hualien, Xinbei City and Nantou; the Sun Moon Lake black tea is distributed around the Sun Moon Lake in Nantou. The varieties of tea trees are honey-flavored black tea – Qingxin Oolong, Taicha 12, Jinyu; Sun Moon Lake black tea – Assam and No. 18 red jade.

Where are the Taiwan tea No. 18 red jade come from>>>

The most famous black tea is Taiwan tea No. 18 red jade planted in the Sun Moon Lake tea area of Yuchi Township, Nantou County. Taiwan tea No. 18 red jade is a tea industry improvement farm. We have divided the fish pond in the 1950s to natively plant Taiwanese Camellia and Myanmar. They have successfully made the Large-leaf hybrids cultivated new varieties of tea trees for more than 40 years, Finally they have taken advantage of this opportunity to come to the fore. Under the vigorous teaching of the fish ponds, the tea farmers plant tea trees in various tea gardens and made them into tea leaves.

Why can you call the king of black tea here>>>

The black tea made is rich and unconstrained with aroma of mint, honey pomelo, cinnamon and rose. Although the taste has the faint scent of South Asian big leaf black tea, but the taste is warm and round, not bitter, similar to Taiwan. The wildness and smoothness of camellia are even more fascinating.


Sophisticated method >>>

In terms of the system, it is already fully integrated into the state of exploration in other tea areas and implements traditional black tea equipment and methods similar to South Asia: picking concentrated two leaves or three leaves, then withering, licking, fermenting, drying ……Slightly different is to invest in Taiwan’s local tea habits and love, so the high proportion of black tea has made without the machine chopped, sifted, and directly refined and packaged in the state of the strip-shaped whole leaf.

Brewing method >>>

3 grams of tea + 150 hot water for 1 minute. We are said that these brewed tea is the best drink.

According to a friend’s dictation, he says that this tea tastes with a touch of tea of , full of aroma, natural aroma and smooth taste, which making people feel very comfortable and worthy of recollection.

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