Health care medicine——silver needle white tea

Silver needle white referred to as silver needle, also known as white, is known as the “beauty” and “ king” in tea. According to the type of tea, it belongs to white tea.

white tea



The standard for choosing silver needles is to harvest the soft top of spring tea. When a young tree and a leaf sprout. Then gently peel off the leaves and leaves of the fish with your fingers. Peel the tea evenly and sprinkle it on the grill. Place water (bamboo sieve) in soft sunlight or dry before ventilation.

The is fragrant and fresh, the soup is yellow and green, and the taste is light and sweet.

Tea polyphenols and lipopolysaccharides in it have the function of adsorbing and capturing radioactive substances. It has early prevention effects on certain cancers.

After the skincare products containing, it makes muscles pulling. even if intense stimulation of muscles, the peroxides that cause muscle sunburn, relaxation and roughness can be reduced by about 1/3!

white tea



According to the long-term drinking and practice of the people and modern scientific research, white tea has the functions of hangover and hangover, clearing away heat and moistening the lungs, calming the liver and tonifying blood, eliminating inflammation and detoxification, reducing blood pressure and reducing fat, and eliminating fatigue, especially for excessive tobacco and alcohol, excessive oiliness, The body discomfort caused by liver anger and digestive dysfunction are unique and wonderful health effects.

white tea


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