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Yan Hou Tang in Europe

‘s Premium Tea will meet with you in Europe

products are produced by YanHou Tea Industry Co., Ltd. Yan Hou Tang is supervised by international food planning standards and meets international certification qualifications, including international SGS, US FDA, and more safety testing. The Taiwan tea products produced will be tried by Yan Hou Tang staff. Be sure to present the best quality to the tea friends.

Chinese food with tea

The cooking skills of China’s “eight major cuisines” have their own charms, and the characteristics of their dishes are also different. The Central Plains culture has a long history and rich cultural heritage. Central Chinese cuisine is the root of the eight major cuisines.

Citywok Restaurant with tea >>>


When you entering the restaurant, you will find that the unique environment design is an elegant and noble feeling, exuding the atmosphere of rich Chinese culture. The authentic Chinese cuisine with authentic Taiwanese tea is a good choice!
That’s right! Is it the pace of this enjoyment for you.

Yan Hou Tang Taiwan Tea

Tea is a friend of meat >>>

Some people think that eating meat can not drink tea, saying that protein and iron absorption in meat will be affected by tannins. In fact, the iron in the meat is not affected, and the protein content in the meat is too much. A little tannin is impossible to cause protein malnutrition.

According to the News, ethnic minorities in Inner Mongolia, Tibet, and other places like to drink brick tea when eating meat. The concentration of tea is relatively high, but it has not caused the problem of anemia and protein malnutrition. Therefore, it is better to drink light tea when eating mutton, than to drink sweet drinks, beer, and hot pot soup.

Brew tea

Tea is good for your body >>>

Tea is a health-care drink that is good for your heart health. Various ingredients in tea prevent atherosclerosis and have a protective effect on cardiovascular. Organic Tea polyphenols can lower blood fat, anti-oxidation, improved vascular endothelial function and inhibited thrombosis; tea polysaccharide has the effect of lowering blood sugar; tea pigment reduces whole blood viscosity.

Yan Hou Tang Tea is also rich in vitamins. Regular drinking of green and can reduce bad cholesterol and blood pressure levels.

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