Drink tea bringing people closer emotion to each other

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Drink bringing people closer emotion to each other


In Western countries, tea is often associated with quiet, me time. Hence the big cuppa teas we like to brew for ourselves and enjoy at our own leisure. In China though, tea is more associated with sharing and hospitality. You offer tea to your guests and constantly need to top up their small cups with a fresh brew let drink tea together ~


1. Tea ceremony story >>>

Tea ceremony can refer to the etiquette of tea and the of tea. It is the traditional marriage custom of the ancient Han people. In the traditional wedding ceremony, “tea ceremony” and “Cup of tea” are called “tea ceremony”. In the old days, when a men’s mediator sent a bride price to a woman’s house, there must be tea in the bridegroom.

Therefore, in the Han folklore, the woman was hired as “being tea” and the bride price was also called “tea ceremony”. It is still circulating in all ethnic groups in China. In the marriage customs of Lahu people, after the men and women determine the date of marriage, the man must give tea, salt, wine, meat, rice, firewood and other gifts to the woman. Lahu people often say: “Without tea, you can’t be married.” Friends and friends drink tea. The Bai ethnic men and women are required to send tea for marriage and marriage. Tibetan youths in the Zhongdian area of Yunnan Province, during the festivals and slack seasons, took the butter tea and brought them to the wild. When they met the girls, they invited people. If they fancy each other, they can take the opportunity of tea worship and grab the other’s hat. Leave the crowd and talk, if you don’t agree to be a spouse, take the hat back.

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2. is always better than tea bags

Tea leaves of are generally old leaves with large leaves, so the tea leaves need to be chopped. When brewing, because it has been shredded, the tea leaves are fast, the tea soup is easy to bitter, and it is not resistant to foaming. It is usually only possible to rush once, and it is not conducive to appreciate the beautiful shape of tea blooming in water.

Loose tea can be used to look at the color, smell and look at the shape, which is very helpful for identifying tea. Because it is a whole piece of tea, it is more resistant to foaming, and the bitter substance is not easy to leaching. It can also observe the posture of tea in the water, and can judge the quality of the tea through the bottom of the leaf.

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3. Selection of loose tea

Leaf tea can seem overwhelming at first, but with the help of Yan Hou Tang (on an online tea vendors with good product information) and a few easy tips, finding and brewing teas you’ll love is easy.
First, think about which flavor profiles you like in tea and then seek them out in loose tea. If you prefer black tea, try teas. If you like flavored teas, it’s OK to transition to flavored whole-leaf tea. Ask your local tea shop for recommendations or check out different companies’ online offerings. Tea samplers and tea can be great ways to try new teas.

Once you’ve selected a few leaf teas, figure out how you’ll brew tea. There are a lot of choices, and some are better for certain types of tea than others. I suggest keeping it simple in the beginning.
Next, expand your horizons more. If you started with flavored leaf tea, be sure to try an unflavored tea every now and then, too. You may find you prefer it after your palate has developed a bit more! Don’t be afraid to try different suppliers. Consider investing in better tea ware. And, above all, follow your tastes!

~ Yes, Drink tea is enjoy life


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