Can I Give My Child Kid Drinking Tea

with your child drinking tea

Kid Drink Tea Should At the Right Age

Tea does contain high levels of flavonoids which are good for heart health. Aged tea can aid your sleep that suit for drinking in dinner. It is hydrating, NOT dehydrating as people mistakenly think. The small amount of caffeine in weak tea can boost sports performance in schoolchildren. But tea can reduce the amount of iron absorbed from food, especially if it’s drunk with meals, and it could result in staining of the teeth if they aren’t careful brushers. If you want to give your , you can as follow.


My Child and Me Both Like >>>

Anyone who drinks tea must have started drinking it at some point and I was curious as to what age that was!!! It is not like I wanted to replace her proper drinks with it, just thought its nice of a winters evening when she’s bigger to sit down with a cup of tea!

Although expert advice Tea is not suitable for babies. I still remember the first time Tiffany drunk tea when she 18 months. I freaked out completely! when we were at a restaurant, Tiffany was obsessed with so after a little while when it was cool, we gave him some… he loved it, drunk about 1/4 of a cup!! So he has a little sip every now and again! Since then, I feed she aged tea with add a half to one- thirds water in a cup. The comes from Taiwan that I am a seller, brand Yan Hou Tang.
I had tea from a young age and although I agree that with today information it was early it never did me any harm.


Can I Give My Child Tea? Now Recommended >>>

Back in the day, tea was believed to help cure babies who suffer from digestive problems, such as reflux or even colic. In fact, giving a child is still a common practice in some parts of the world. Unfortunately, research has shown that tea—no matter what type or flavor—is not for our children to consume.

What Is A Really Tea >>>

Some tea also contains excess sugar that your child does not need to consume. You can choose for your children. Consuming too many sugary foods or drinks can have negative results on your child’s teeth, such as tooth decay, as well as their weight. Consuming too many sugary foods or drinks can reduce your child’s body’s ability to absorb the correct amount of vitamins and nutrients.

Not only can your child suffer from weight problems, but he or she may also suffer from malnutrition. Your child does not need any extra calories that are provided through sugary foods and drinks. The calories found in sugar do not have any health benefits and are more of a risk than a reward.

Remember ~ children under 12 months of age do not require any additional intakes of water. They receive the correct amount of water they need for thirst, growth, and development through regular consumption of breast milk or formula. While we as adults may enjoy a nice cup of tea, it is not recommended to give to your child. Not only does your child not need the extra fluids, but tea can also decrease the amount of iron your baby’s body receives. Your baby needs a good amount of iron for healthy growth and development. Tea may also contain excess sugars, which are not needed in your baby’s diet.



Something You Must Be Know >>>

  • Some teas also contain sugar to mask their pungent taste. So check that the tea you’re giving your kid isn’t sweetened. The sugar could damage your kid’s developing teeth.
  • Choose de-caffeine Tea for kids.
  • It is recommended that if tea is given to infants that it is done so hours before and after meals so as not to negatively impact the absorption of nutrients.
  • Whatever age your kid is, don’t give her herbal teas that contain the spice star anise. Chinese star anise is a traditional treatment for colic. But Chinese star anise is sometimes contaminated with Japanese star anise, a slightly different spice, which can be poisonous. Star anise tea for babies is banned in the US.

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