Australia eBay Store Opening and Timing Promotions

ebay AU store

We are bring special merchandises maybe you never got it.

Australia friend must be try it, Let’s visit Yan Hou Tang eBay AU Store now ~


What is Yan Hou Tang ??

√ It is a special store of life from Taiwan

√ “Yan Hou Tang” is a Famous Brand registered Over 30 Countries

√ Original Taiwan and unique products

√ Green Food has safe certificate and verified

√ FDA & SGS Verfied


What is good news for you ??

√ Big promotion still on line

1 AUD and free shipping items

√ Fast shipping by Taiwan air mail
(Maybe 3 days only Delivery to Australia)

√ Quality control by “Yan Hou Tang” staff used

√ Enjoy in your life, work, leisure, party, business and anywhere …..


You must be get it, click now ~

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