About Chinese Teaware Style for Every Dynasty

Different dynasties have different tea-drinking habits and forms, so their tea-drinking tools are also different. Let me introduce About Chinese Teaware Style for Every Dynasty.

jianzhanThere are many types of in China, with beautiful shapes, which have practical value and artistic beauty. Therefore, it is well-known both at home and abroad and favored by tea drinkers of all ages.

is built-in Jianyao. “Jianyao” is one of the famous ancient kilns in China. There are a large number of sites located.

In Jianyang District, Nanping City, Fujian Province. Good insulation performance Jianzhan’s shape is warmer, it has a classic beautiful, and also has better insulation performance, which can slow down the temperature of tea Degree of decline speed.

Compared with other dynasties, the in Tang Dynasty was larger.


The Song and Tang dynasties are similar but highly short.


The Yuan Dynasty was a nomadic government. In addition to being affected by the cultural traditions of the Han people, it also retained many religious beliefs and cultural practices of the Khitan people, which are reflected in
the tea culture.


Jianzhan in Ming and Qing Dynasty is similar, but Jianzhan in Ming Dynasty is
relatively bright.


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