5 kind of usage about tea after drinking

Chinese people like to drink , tea can also regulate the body, to achieve the effect of health. However, many people have dumped tea after drinking. In fact, tea still plays a big role.

Chinese tea


Let me introduce a few tea tricks↓↓↓

1. If the bamboo table and wooden chair at home are greasy, you can use the residual tea leaves to scrub. After scrubbing a few times, the item will become brighter. Similarly, it can also be used to scrub dirty pots and pans and so on. In doing so, not only waste utilization, but also detergent savings.

2. Once the weather is wet, not only will the clothes be dirty, but the old people and children will also be exposed to moisture. Collect the leaves and dry them. Wrap it with breathable gauze and put it inside the house to protect it from moisture.

3. Residual tea leaves are brewed in water and poured into the roots of plants to be used as a nutrient for plants. However, the residual tea is alkaline, and you should pay attention to the situation of the plants before fertilization.

4. Catechin is a unique ingredient in tea and has a certain deodorizing effect. After drying the residual tea leaves and putting them into the toilet to burn them, the effects of deodorizing and removing insects can be achieved.

5. Dry the residual tea leaves and put them into the pillowcase to act as a pillow. The core, the pillow is very soft and comfortable. Under certain circumstances, it is good for patients with insomnia and hypertension. However, because the residual tea leaves are prone to moisture, they need to be changed to dryness.

Chinese tea

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